Sustainable polyester polyols
and systems

Inosence Polyol Oy is a Finnish- Dutch chemical company. It was founded in 2016 by Sami H√§kkinenand Allard van der Wal. Since 2019, Inosence has been producing recycled PET based polyester polyols and ethylene glycol in Salo, Finland. Inosence is a technology-driven company, and it has developed its own polyester polyols and a unique production process along with a high precision filtration system which makes it possible to make genuinely pure end products.

Inosence has a great deal of knowledge in polyurethane applications. One of its strengths is coming up with tailor-made polyol solutions for its customers, alongside  regular polyol drop-in products, polyester polyol for the lamination, metal panel, One Component Foam, and PIR main industry groups.